Bangladesh, the follow terms and details: 1. The ProductsMake

Bangladesh, the 3rd world country who earned her way to becoming the hottest apparel and textiles sourcing destination in the planet. Being the 2nd largest clothing exporter, there’s no doubt that a lot of new buyers are seeking information on how to get shipments from Bangladesh to their countries. If you’re one of them, you’re in luck because we decided to make a checklist of things to address before shipping out your products from Bangladesh. Make sure to define and have a mutual agreement with your clothing supplier on the follow terms and details: 1. The ProductsMake sure the products are how you’re expecting them to be. Define and check the product quality, quantity and purchase price (adjusted to currency fluctuations). Quick tip: You can hire an inspection agency like Asiainspection to make sure of this.2. The PortsThe port of destination is the port where the products will reach and the port of origin is the port in Bangladesh from where the apparels will be shipped. 3. Mode of DeliveryIf you’re shipping less than 5,000 units, you’re better off shipping via air freight. Even though it’s a bit expensive, you’ll receive your products in less than 3 business days anywhere in the planet. Otherwise, go for sea freight. Takes upto 21 days but much cheaper in cost. 3. Shipping TermsThis might be complicated if you’re just starting out. But we’ve described the most used terms here in simple english for you to understand. FAS (aka Free alongside ship): The supplier delivers the goods alongside the buyer’s vessel or loading area. After that point, the buyer is responsible for any risk of loss or damage. FOB (aka Free on board): This is when the supplier bears all risk upto the origin port that has been mutually agreed upon. After the supplier has loaded the goods on the freight and cleared for export, the supplier is no longer bearing the risk of the apparels. CNF (aka Cost and Freight): The supplier is paid the shipping cost to have the products delivered to the destination port and is responsible for any risk or damage until that point. CIF (aka Cost, Insurance and Freight): Same as CNF, just insurance cost of the goods while shipping included. 4. Receiving the ShipmentA big challenge for buyers is to have all the necessary paper documents ready to receive the shipment from port. Therefore, we’ve listed the documents you need to pay attention to before your shipment arrives. Performa invoice: A complete overview of all goods purchased, described, with quantity and price of the product in the currency of sale. Provided by the factory. Packing list: This lists on the cardboard boxes and the contents of the cartons. Provided by the factory. Certificates of Origin: This piece of document verifies that the apparels were manufactured in Bangladesh. Again, provided by the factory. Inspection Report (optional): If you hired an inspection agency to inspect your cloths, they submitted a report to the port of origin. You need to have the same report while discharging your shipment. Provided by inspection agency. Bill of Lading: Describes all the products that were shipped. Given to you by the shipping agent, you need a copy at the port to receive your shipment. Airway Bill: Same as the bill of lading, except for air shipments. Provided by your shipping agent.Letter of credit (optional): If you’re paying the factory via a letter of credit then it’s compulsory to have a copy of the letter while discharging your cargo. This is provided by your bank. 5. Import Customs DutyThis is a fee you should be well aware before conducting your order. Just Google HS code finder to find the HS code of the apparel you’re importing. Then go to your country’s tariff and custom’s website and search with the HS code to find the % of the total value that will be taxed. Lucky, Bangladesh enjoys a ‘Least Developed Countries’ benefit of exporting to most of the developed countries with a 0% tariff and no quota. See if your country is on the list from – Countries With Quota & Duty Free Access to Bangladesh Apparel ManufacturersBonus tipMaintaining so many things can be very hectic and without the proper expertise and experience, you leave space for mistakes. Hiring an expert agency can provide a all-in-one solution to your apparel supply chain. There are few out there, if you’re not sure which one to go with, try our NewThread. Request a FREE price quote for your apparel requirements.