Augmented oftenly called VE technologies. It completely immerses the

Augmented Reality (AR) is a type of Virtual Environments (VE), or Virtual Reality as it is more oftenly called VE technologies. It completely immerses the user inside a synthetic environment and surrounding. While immersed, the user cannot see the real world around him.In contrast, AR permits the user to see the real world, with virtual objects superimposed upon or made up with the real world.Therefore, AR supplements reality, rather than entirely changing  it.Ideally, the user would see  that the virtual and real objects coincide in the same space, Figure shows an example of what this might look like.All these things are optional also, i.e. they can be shrug off if the user wants some specific details rather than details for everything that comes in its way.AR can be thought of as the “middle ground” between VE (completely synthetic) and real (completely real).Here we made a virtual switch in augmented reality using RC controller ULM2003. A web cam is used and is attached to PC which covers the desired area which captures the intensity change in the pixels. 8051 microcontroller is used with relay driver ULM2003 which acts as a switch and controls the various devices.This can be really helpful to people who are disabled and cannot move much or old people as well by making things easy for them. In swimming pool areas where there’s a lot of water and conventional switches can be dangerous and may cause short circuit. Hence its very safe as well. In oil industries where the mechanical switches often jam and touchscreen doesn’t work. This will not have any such problems.Augmented reality is another step further into the digital age as we will soon see our environment change dynamically either through a Smartphone, glasses, car windshields and even windows in the near future to display enhance contents and media right in front of us. This has amazing application that can very well allow us to live our lives more productively, more safely and more informatively.Augmented Reality is a breakthrough technology that could considerably make execution of complex operations simpler. Augmented Reality mixes virtual and actual reality, making available to the user new tools to ensure efficiency in the transfer of knowledge for various processes and in several environments. Various different solutions based on Augmented Reality have been proposed by the research community: particularly in maintenance operations Augmented Reality tools have been offered new perspectives and have promised very dramatic improvements. On the other side Augmented Reality is an extremely demanding technology and, nowdays, it is s affected by serious flaws that undermine its implementations in the industrial context. This paper presents examples of Augmented Reality applications and shows the feasibility of Augmented Reality solutions in maintenance tasks, underlining advantages it could be introduced. At the same time the principal flaws of Augmented Reality are commented and possible lines of investigation are suggested.6. METHODOLOGY Fig 6.1 Block diagram of Augmented RealityIn this block diagram we use 8051 microcontroller which is connected to the PC via serial port. 8051 microcontroller is  connected to relay driver ULM 2003 which is connected to the home appliances. Web-cam is used to capture the desired area where the virtual frames will be created. 8051 is a 8 bit micro controller with an internal ram of 256 bytes. ULN2003 .It is a Darlington array which deals with high-voltage and high-current and acts a a switch. All the components can be connected to a home PC.