Attachment al.,2004). Emotions are often portrayed as irresistible forces

Attachment research and theory have shown that emotional well-being is largely affected by personal relationship. There is now a reason to include pets among significant attachment figures and emotional well-being helps treating disturbed populations but also for promoting disturbed populations but also for promoting general mental health (Sable P.,1995).Another study showed that people who get lonely due to social rejection get immediate comfort by owning a dog and support by a dog is as good as support by family or friends which could improve their well being and help in recovering from stress.(McConnell et al., 2011)Emotions provide individuals with invaluable information about themselves, their environment and their relationship with the environment (Zeman et al.,2004). Emotions are often portrayed as irresistible forces that exert a sweeping influence on behaviour.(Koole L.,2009). ” Emotional regulation is the extrinsic and intrinsic process responsible for monitoring, evaluating and modifying emotional reactions, especially their intensive and temporal features to accomplish one’s goals” (Thompson, 1994). During emotional regulation people may increase, maintain or decreases positive or negative emotions. Accordingly, emotional regulation often involves changes in emotional responding (Koole., 2009).Many examples of emotional regulation are conscious like changing a topic when it’s upsetting or cracking knuckles when stressed but some also occur without conscious awareness like when one exaggerates their joy upon receiving an unattractive present (cole,1986;  Gross, 2002). When people are chronically unable to regulate their emotions, they may disrupt their psychological functions(Koole., 2009)A research was conducted where the researchers randomly assigned participants to one of five groups: they were asked to pet a rabbit, a turtle, a toy rabbit, a toy turtle, or they were assigned to a control group. The results showed that petting a toy animal was not significantly better than petting no animal at reducing anxiety; however, petting a real animal did significantly reduce anxiety. This study suggests that interaction with, and feedback from, the animal may be important in emotional regulation, and the authors hypothesized that the interaction provided a form of social support (Jeremy et al.,2017).


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