At in. Clearly the lack of strong gun regulation

At the young age of 7 years old, I became aware of the tragedy
of gun violence. I remember my parents explaining to my brother and I that our
babysitter, Britney, wouldn’t be able to babysit us as there had been a
shooting at her university and she was a bit shaken up. She attended Virginia
Tech. In my 13 years of living in the United States, there were 22 mass shootings,
5 of which occurred in states that I lived in.

Clearly the lack of strong gun regulation invites people to
purchase and carry guns without the need to. Thirty-nine percent of American
homes say they own at least one gun, that’s only slightly under the forty-four
percent that own dogs! That means there is a similar percentage of people
walking with a gun in their pocket as there is walking their pet dogs, scary,

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We’ve probably all experienced a fair few fire alarm drills
in our lives, however in my 5 years of living in England and all of my friends
18 years of living here, none of us have experienced what I used to do three
times a year in America, a code red full lockdown drill. I don’t know about
you, but being crammed into a dark storage closet, with 15 other people, whilst
very lard intruder alarms are going off is not something I find pleasant.

The thing is, you’d be stupid not to do a code red practice
when 7 out of 10 shootings take place in schools and businesses, and when some
of the most infamous mass shootings have occurred in schools, Sandy Hook, Columbine
and Virginia Tech.

I lived in the states, I lived in the seemingly safe town of New Canaan,
Connecticut, less than half an hour from Newtown, Connecticut, where the Sandy
Hook elementary school shooting took place. My friends and I were in town, at
our favourite restaurant “Chicken Joe’s”, just laughing and talking, when
suddenly we were all being shushed and the TV volume was increased.