Assignment organisms. RNA is genetic material only in few

Assignment No 1


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Q.1 What are the differences between DNA
and RNA?




1. DNA is 2_deoxy ribonucleic acid. Sugar is deoxy
ribonucleic acid.(H) in the 2nd carbon of sugar.

RNA is ribonucleic acid or ribonucleotide.Sugar
is ribose. (OH) in the 2nd carbon of sugar.

2. DNA is double stranded and self replicating and
more stable.

RNA is single stranded and not self
duplicating and less stable.

3. The bases in DNA are Adenine(A),Guanine
(G), Cytosine(C) and Thymine (T).

The bases in RNA are Adenine (A),
Guanine (G), Cytosine(C) and Uracil (U).

4. DNA is the genetic material in all organisms.

RNA is genetic material only in few
viruses in retroviruses like HIV.

5. DNA is occurs inside nucleus and also present in
organelles like mitochondrion and chloroplast in plants.

In cells RNA is primarily present in
the cytoplasm.

6. Purine and Pyrimidine bases are equal in numbers.

There is no proportionality in between
numbers of purine and pyrimidine bases.

7. Two types of DNA is present inter nuclear or
nuclear DNA.Extra nuclear or organelle DNA in mitochondrion and chloroplast.

There are three types of RNA.
mRNA (direct protein synthesis)
rRNA (ribose synthesis)
tRNA(as adaptor molecule in protein

8. Funtion of DNA is to transfer genetic information
from one generation to other.

Function is to direct is to direct
synthesis of protein or helps in translation. Some with enzymatic activity
called as ribozymes.

9. DNA is spirally twisted to produce a regular helix.

The strand may get folded at places to
produce a secondary helix or pseudo helix.

10. DNA occurs in the form of chromatin or

RNA occurs in ribosomes or forms
association with ribosomes.

11. DNA transcribes genetic information to RNA.Its
quantity is fixed for cell.

RNA translates the transcribed message
for forming polypeptides. The quantity of RNA of a cell is variable.

12. Renaturation after melting is slow.

It is quite fast.

13. It is long lived.

Some RNAs are very short lived while others
have somewhat longer life.

14. The helices geometry of DNA is of B- Form.DNA is
protected in the nucleus, as it is tightly packed.DNA can be damaged by
exposure ultra-violet rays.

The helix geometry of RNA is of
A-Form.RNA strands are continually made, broken down are reused. RNA is more
resistant to damage by ultra-violet rays.


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