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P.K. Bernard put it: “A man without a vision is a man without a future. A
man without a future will always return to his past.”

        I am drawn to naturopathic medicine
because of my dad, who is struggling with prostate cancer, I firmly believe
that due to its dualistic nature of naturopathic medicine  that combines both science and humanism, it
will provide a great chance to people who suffer from different kind of cancers
to get the proper treatments instead of going through painful conventional treatments
that many of them are proven to be ineffective. I choose to become naturopathic
physician to be able to support people in their healing journey, enhancing
holistic approaches to disease prevention and wellness and growing a meaningful
business that fits my values and I hope that naturopathic school will prepare
me for a great journey.

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       I want to have a positive impact on the
global scale.  I am not a person who
enjoys spending days walking a crooked path, I believe every obstacle in the
road is not a problem or something to be avoided, I consider them as challenges
that help me to grow and take me closer to my goals. My vision gives my
challenges purpose and meaning.      

       My desire to relieve pain in the lives
of people is the primary drive for choosing naturopathic medicine as my
specific profession through which I can help people and in addition to that it
will enable me to find answers to my questions.

      Naturopathic medicine can decrease the
financial cost while providing top quality care to patients outside of the
medical offices or emergency rooms, which will facilitate both their time and
resources to deal with more serious medical care. Naturopathic medicine is
cost-effective because it utilizes a preventive approach that reduces the
occurrence of high-cost chronic conditions in long-term, which will lead to a
reduction of the nation’s overall health care system cost.

       Naturopathic practitioners are known to
take a highly individualized approach to their patients and customizing
treatments for each particular patient, rather than targeting the symptoms
alone. Naturopathic medicine is becoming more accepted especially in the
Canadian healthcare system due to offering more efficient and less invasive
treatment methods, reducing the need for expensive surgical procedures,  reducing prescription drug costs, reducing
the incidence of doctor-induced illnesses, lowering malpractice rates, offering
true disease prevention and reducing insurance costs.

        The evidence is irrefutable that this
is a profession with well-established and valuable approaches to patient care,
as well as exceptional mechanisms for ensuring public safety. Patients now
understand a lot about the benefits of naturopathic medicine and are clearly
willing to pay for expanding their access.

       That future Edison spoke of is now, and
naturopathic physicians, whose major focus is exactly this kind of
patient-centered care , are delivering medicine for 21 century to a rapidly
growing patient population. This is proper and well-timed for healthcare
policymakers to do everything in their powers to provide access to this
health-promoting care for their citizens.

     As stated by Thomas Edison, “the
doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in
the care of human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of

     Every system in human body is affected by
the stress nowadays, in addition to that, human 
mind,  emotion, and spirit are
under tremendous amount of stress and the conventional Canadian healthcare
system is ill-equipped to deal with these new challenges, because it is
obsessed by using the same conventional approaches, which are not effective
enough in dealing with new challenges in today ‘s healthcare field, that’s why
patients in ever-increasing numbers look for alternative medicine.

the bacteria-borne diseases aside has given human a much clearer view of
what’s left untouched including:  the
chronic and debilitating effects of poor nutrition and diet on people, an
increasingly polluted environment, sedentary lifestyle, visual and auditory
overload and lastly, a nation that works harder and longer than many other
industrialized countries.

       In the exhilaration of discovering new
medications and surgical therapies that radically helped in treating the most
urgent threats to human life earlier over the last century,  the intimate connection between health and
lifestyle and the powerful impacts of social and economical determinants of
health have been forgotten.

       But for the last 20 years, many
Canadians have understood that the challenge of  21-century care is preventing and treating
chronic diseases. Never before have so many people suffered from diabetes,
neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s syndrome, allergies, headaches,
asthma and heart disease. People live long enough in our time to recognize that
the quality of life for aging patients with chronic disease can make the added
years more of a burden than a pleasure, and no one wants to live under such a

      Healthcare is one of the important
priorities of Canadians, but the reality is that with all the resources that
are poured into Canadian health care system, there is an alarming number of
people, who find themselves chronically unwell. Despite being in pain and sick,
these people are usually given medications to cover their symptoms or told to
live with their condition, because nothing is wrong.

       It is important to note that the
effectiveness of naturopathic treatments is based on decades of positive
clinical results. Modern scientific studies are  validating the use of a variety of dietary
supplements , which have been used in naturopathic medicine, such as fiber and
probiotics , which can be used for proper gastrointestinal health and  essential fatty acids for skin and menstrual

       The effectiveness of naturopathic
medicine is supported by solid, controlled studies. Naturopathic medicine has
evolved and advanced over centuries and continues to grow and incorporate
scientific advances.

       Medicine is about so much more than just
treating symptoms, it is about healing the person as a whole, it is about
educating people to become empowered to make their own decisions in concert
with their doctor and not being told what to do.      

        I believe the most significant rule of
naturopathic medicine is its drive to find the underlying cause of disease,
instead of solely suppressing the visible symptoms of the disease.

      Illness does not occur without a cause.
Naturopathic medicine put more emphasis on identifying primary causes of
illness than by removing causes of illness, a complete recovery can happen.
Conventional medicine focuses primarily on defining diseases based on
measurable symptoms and eliminating these signs, in contrast to conventional
approach, in  naturopathic therapy  focuses on body, mind and spirit of the
patient and puts more emphasis on the body’s own ability to heal using
treatments, such as: lifestyle change, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine,
physical medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture or Asian medicine.

     Another reason why one might witness a
drastic shift toward naturopathic medicine is due to numerous conventional
medical treatment failures. People are becoming more frustrated with temporary
treatments of diseases. The popularity of Naturopathic medicine is because it
gives patients various choices in treating a disease and it does not focus solely
on temporary treatment.

        One of the important aspects of
naturopathic medicine is its philosophical approach to health, which contains
body’s inherent healing capabilities that restore the body to its natural and
balanced state. Naturopathic approach initiates the treatment of the disease
with the least invasive therapies and proceeds to higher levels of intervention
only if it is necessary. As Gandhi stated: “be the change you wish to see
in the world”, naturopathic doctors practice the change every day,  which they want to see in medicine.
Naturopathic medicine is the best medicine and will eventually gain not only
parity but importance as one can witness it in today ‘s world.

         Naturopathic physicians take into the
consideration the importance of the doctor-patient relationship, which enables
them to deal in a more efficient way in prevention of diseases and optimizing
health inpatient, which are main objectives of naturopathic medicine.
Naturopathic medicine uses various treatment methods such as dietary and
lifestyle changes, stress reduction therapy, dietary supplements, homeopathy,
manipulative therapies, exercise therapy, detoxification, psychotherapy, and

         The primary purpose of naturopathic
medicine is  putting emphasis on
educating the patient on self-responsibility for his or her own wellbeing and
by Recognizing this approach, one understands that he or she is in control of his
or her own health and this is one of the underlying principles behind why  more people choose naturopathic physicians as
their primary care providers.

        Naturopathic medicine offers a
different approach to traditional western healthcare. It can be considered a
mixture of art, science, philosophy, and practice for diagnosis, treatment, and
prevention of illness. The naturopathic medicine uses the healthy power of
nature as an inborn self-organizing and healing process of living systems to
establish maintain and restore the person’s health.

       The health care is in the center of a
paradigm shift. Human’s understanding of health and medicine is expanding.  Practitioners and patients looking for a
holistic, integrated approach, which leads to naturopathic medicine.
Naturopathic medicine is a combination of extensive education and training in
both natural and conventional medicine, which focuses on the use of the safest
and least invasive methods for treating diseases.



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