As or sites for those who own just RV’s

As one of the largest, most populous and richest cities in the
country, Seattle also happens to be the home to one of the largest population
of homeless. Seattle has always had a skyrocketing homeless crisis, that
happens to increase tremendously. As shocking as it may seem, even with all of
the nice building and houses all around Seattle homelessness is a continuous
problem that isn’t addressed enough and continues its cycle of growing. While
on the Transit I was able to see numerous homeless people, who were on the
streets, by store corners and some had their belongings with them and took the
transit to go to other places throughout Seattle. Although it is said that
homelessness is being addressed and that there is numerous funding to focus on
solving this problem and putting a stop to this crisis growth I saw lots of
homeless people throughout the beginning of my trip and towards Montlake and
Madison street. Through what I saw it is clear that Seattle has not dealt
completely with homelessness issue because I wasn’t able to see that many
homeless shelters or sites for those who own just RV’s tents etc. A trend that
I observed during my experience was the fact that poverty and homelessness are
very linked to each other. The reason as to why poverty is sky rocking like
homelessness, is due to the fact that people who are poor are unable to afford
houses, food and other necessities, therefore thus why they are homeless. From
what I observed homelessness and poverty are still social problems that don’t
seem to be focused on as much as they are supposed to be, because the
neighborhoods were in poor conditions seeing how a lot of the houses and
building were in bad conditions, and homeless people were still around areas in
Seattle. Poverty causes people to have unequal access to lots of things. For
example, unequal access to health care, inequality in education, job
opportunities, and the lack of upward mobility in societies. This creates a
social hierarchy where those who live in poverty are treated like they are
less, and without the respect and dignity that every human being deserves.
However, this social problem can easily be solved when people start to treat those
who are in poverty with respect and start addressing how to solve this

The closer the bus got to Mount Baker station rougher the
neighborhoods got, for example, a lot of the houses seem to be abandoned and
other small buildings seem to be under construction but had been left alone for
a while. I was able to see a lot of destructions of buildings, vandalism and
torn up houses. As I looked closer to the vandalism on walls on my way to Mount
Baker Station I saw words that seemed to be associated with gangs. Although it
might seem like a small issue to society, having gangs in neighborhoods can
prevent youth from attending school, or be in safe environments. Also, gangs
can be a main component of violence in communities, because they often use their
power to put fear into others, and in most cases, deal with selling drugs thus
becoming a social issue not only in Seattle but other cities as well. For
example, from my observations, it was clear how the population was a
significant issue as it has made Seattle very crowded. This creates lower
health standards in health care facilities because the more crowded it is, the
less likely it is for everyone to have equal access to healthcare. This also
contributes to creating higher expenses for rent which in contrast increases
poor communities’ due to lack of housing which lead to poverty and

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a similar manner, Seattle is plagued by numerous environmental problems which
continue to affect the community. For example, air pollution has a significant
role in environmental issues throughout Seattle. I saw many cars, motorcycles
etc. in use while I got to my destination. Considering the fact that Seattle is
a city that is very crowded many people own cars and a lot of tourists also
come to see Seattle’s attractions all the time which creates more pollution.
While passing by the water I also saw boats that in most cases also have leaked
into the water and polluting it which is common to happen. Air pollution is an
important issue that needs to be more addresses as it links health problems
including but not limited to lung problems, asthma, and pain in the chest. As
the air pollution increases that can further worsen global warming because it
can create holes in the ozone layer. Wright reinforces the idea of consumerism
in his book “American Society,” when he talks about how America as a whole is
an example of hyperconsumerist society. In fact, I agree completely with the
statement that he made because all throughout my experience on this trip there
were hundreds of advertisements that were all around Seattle and on the bus,
itself. This leads people to keep buying things not only to fulfill their needs
but also fit into the “American Society.” For example, people tend to keep
buying materials that they already have but a new version of the same brands
which can lead more materials in landfills. Also, as I observed while going to
Mount Baker people seem to have that mindset where the more things they buy or
own the happier they become or more accepted into society. As I looked more
closely, I was surprised at all of the social issues that became visible
throughout the ride to Mount Baker. This experience has given me a wider perspective
of how many social problems there are around us. It seems as they have become
invisible because they are problems that are so common that we tend to go on
about our lives with all these issues as though they are invisible.