All and human society. Every organization has its own

All the organization has a
good or a bad culture. The culture is the values, beliefs, and norms its people
share, knowing what is important to the organization. It explains how the
employee should make decisions, how they should prepare for the mission, how
they should interact with others and how they should communicate with each
other in the company. Over the last decade, organizational culture has brought
many changes in organizational performances and human society. Every organization
has its own norms and values that affect the cultural behavior of their
employees. Culture influences the employee’s attitude and behavior at the work
as they are trained in the same culture. It is essential for every employee to
follow the culture of an organization for a smooth performance.

Firstly, organizational
culture and performances are inter-related with each other. If an employee has
a positive behavior and attitude towards their work, then it becomes easier to
perform their task smoothly. Organizational culture refers to norms, values and
motivation of an organization in its daily operation. There needs to be some
protocol, procedure, rules, and regulation in an organization for effective
performances. Every organization has its own culture and environment they
create to attract many talents and retain them. While there are many
competitions between organisation, employee is more likely to be attracted to
ones that provide them with the greatest benefits and easy to be in work
places. To diversify their workforce many organizations create a friendly
environment for their employees for them to feel safe and be at home. When the
employees are happy, many organizations see that their performances usually
pick up.

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There are many elements that
help the organisation to build a strong culture which helps for superior organizational
performance. One of them is to have good communication among all the staff. All
the executives should freely communicate with the lower level employee without
any hesitation and vice versa. They should be able to present their opinion
freely without having to worry about any backlash. There should always be an
open door for communication with the employees. It is very essential as having
a good communication within coworkers reduces or can even eliminate any
conflicts and any other misunderstandings that might have occurred otherwise.
While maintaining good communication with their employees, the bosses or the
upper level employees should also be transparent about the things going in the
company. It clears any reason for doubt for a lot of the employees regarding
their future. Having transparency also improves performance by a great deal
because it clears any uncertainty, which is there for many employees, and is
something that they want in their organisation. 

Respect is another element
which has a vital role in the superior performance in workplace. When all the
employees of a a certain company or business are treated with equal respect, it
creates a positive vibe and a sense of security in the workplace, it makes the
employees feel they are important to the said company or business and allows a
certain level of comfort to the workers to be able to voice their opinion
without any hesitation. Being appreciated by the management encourages the
workers to perform better, work harder, and stay actively engaged in their
respective work. Also, another perk to organizational improvement on
performance would be to grant employees special rewards for good achievement in
the workplace. It gives employees motivation and a little competition which is
always healthy to have in an organization and makes for more productive work
environment. If the employees are not appreciated for their work and ideas,
their interest to work eventually degrades, which might downfall the
performance of the organisation. Words always travel fast and if an employee is
unhappy because of the management then it looks bad on the organisation itself,
which many organizations would not want as it leads to a bad reputation. A good
work environment is necessary if they want to increase their performance and
maintain a good name in the society.

A very important element
that is required for an organization to succeed is intrinsic and eccentric
motivation. Intrinsic motivation is the behavior displayed by people when they
are genuinely interested in doing the work. By creating a fun work environment,
organizations can instill intrinsic motivation. A big benefit of intrinsic
motivation is that workers are more productive. When people do something
because they actually enjoy the experience of the work, they tend to do a
really good job. Organizations that have employees like that tend to be more
successful. A good work environment and good organizational culture motivates
people to do their best and gradually instill intrinsic motivation. A company
that had rigorous work schedules and hard hours and tough bosses never has
motivated employees. For example, google had a very unique work environment.
Google provides a stress free environment for the workers which lead to high
productivity. Google also compensates very well. The employee at Google gets
paid a very good salary which is another great motivational tool for everyone.
What Google is doing is an excellent example of eccentric motivation. A good
salary, bonus, trips, any form of promotion and other rewards give the
employees a lot of eccentric motivation which is the fuel to good performance.
A lot of companies underpay and over work their employees. This leads to a lot
of employees getting stressed, not paying enough attention to the work their
doing and lot productivity. According to a recent survey a very high percentage
of people are satisfied and happy with their jobs at Google. If we look at
successful companies, they all have a strategy to keep their workers motivated.
Some may have different approach then others but their end goal is all the
same. They all want to create a great organizational culture to promote
productivity, efficiency and performance.

There should also be good
leadership behavior. This is another element in the organizational culture
chart. A strong leader motivates the workers. Management usually adjusts their
leadership behavior in order to improve performance and efficiently accomplish
the mission of the organization. There is a significant relation between
leadership behavior and job satisfaction. A good organizational culture
translates into a good environment good leadership and job satisfaction. People
seem to work better under the leadership of someone they respect, admire and in
some cases get intimidated by. No one wants to work for someone who is not a
good leader and abuses his powers as a leader. Leadership should be about
adjusting to the climate of the workplace and also the employees. Overly harsh
leader or too lenient of a leader does not do well. There should be a perfect
balance of both in order to achieve the maximum performance and job
satisfaction. A good leader believes in sharing values. They believe in balance
of power and providing a good communicational environment within the workplace
among all the workers involved. They create common values and codes of conduct
for their employees. A leader that is successful in doing all these things is
well liked and respected. People will listen to a strong leader who can motivate
them to provide optimal performance. This is a very important aspect in
organizational culture.

For any organisation to
succeed, they should have a clear aim and motto which guides the business. Many
like to look at the goals and purpose of an organisation before they even
decide to put in any effort to be a part of it. A business without a clear
mission will never be successful as it does not have a clear direction. The
management team should be strong enough to guide the company towards success
and reach its highest potential. An organisation without a good direction
always leads to failure in the future. It also becomes hard to find talent and
retain them if there is no set direction that a company is looking to dive
into. Along with transparency, employees also like to have their organisation
have a clear goal that they want to accomplish, to feel like they are
contributing to a greater good. They need to be marketed well and their goals
and purpose should be clear to anyone who is looking to be a part of the
organization. Thus, any business, company or organisation without clear aim
fails to find an identity and does not succeed.

The culture of an
organisation reflects the overall status of the organisation itself. How the
society sees the business, and how willing the people are to work for its
success. Employees should have shared values to have a strong culture in the
workplace, which builds the loyalty and commitment among workers that is
required in order to succeed. They should be consistent as to measure their
success at meeting their high standards at work. A strong culture is like wind
which guides the employee of the company to achieve the mission held by the
company. The strong organizational culture is invisible, but also powerful just
like the wind which pushes a sail. Although establishing a strong organizational
culture does not happen overnight. It starts with the hiring and training of
the employees to achieve the set goals and missions they want to achieve.

For any good organisation to
succeed they need to create an open and forgiving environment for their
employees to feel at home. A lot of IT companies are now hiring employees to
work from home. This new method of working obviously has its pros and cons.
However, many employees like having that benefit because it gives them ease and
flexibility to work and also time to be with their families when in need, all
while maintaining their work life. Some organizations offers employees the
benefit to choose their own work schedule which give the workers flexibility
and gives the employee the benefits to getting their things done outside of
work. This also creates a healthy atmosphere in the organization, as well as
creates a strong employee campaign to grow their organization. 

In today’s society, there is
a lot of competition for organizations to succeed as the workforce is getting
bigger and the demand for higher performance is increasing as well. Many organizations
are focusing on cutting their workforce to achieve efficiency and maintain high
performance. However, to achieve that goal, organization must focus on getting
the best talents from all over the world. Today there is a global reach of
communication for all organization to get the best talent. To achieve those
talents and to stay on top of the competition, the company must diversify its
workforces and ease any barriers that might cause employees any obstacles. In
today’s world, there all the big organization has a great influence in how its
society performs. As they have a large workforce and each major decision they
take, affects not only the employees but their friends, family, and relatives
as well.

 The culture within an organization plays a
vital role in the work environment and how the employees behave and perform.
Therefore, for a strong organization culture is essential for superior organizational
performance, because culture defines its people and its workplace. If the
employees are happy with the culture, it dramatically increases their
performance because they feel comfortable. For any organization to succeed,
they must first think about their workforce and how they can retain talent to
keep pushing their goals forward. To do that, they must respect their
employees, provide strong leadership, and let them have their own voice in
their organization, and get their feedback on improvement and implement
positive changes. This creates a sense of job satisfaction and sense of
achievement. If the employees are happy, they create a strong culture within
the organization and the community, which leads to a significant, increases the
overall efficiency and performance.