Airbus world. Airbus manufacturers all the specific parts needed

Airbus is a European multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, sells civil and military products worldwide (Space Generation Advisory Council). In addition to its primary civil aeroplane business, the company has two divisions for other products and services which are the Defence and Space unit, also including Helicopters (Wings Herald). I have created a need to conduct this research work as I am interested within the human resources in Airbus as it is such a multinational company. There are approximately 130 nationalities that make up the Airbus workforce. (About Company Airbus) In singapore there are high numbers of expat people who work in Singapore, this specifically can affect the amount of nationalities working within the company. This being the largest in its industry within terms of revenues. (About Company Airbus) Airbus is a french based billion dollar industry (About Company Airbus) as it is the biggest company for airplane compartments. It is a multicultural company which has offices located all around the world. Airbus manufacturers all the specific parts needed to build a plane, the part such as wings, tail, and body are created in factories around the world, then shipped to one country to be produced. For my Internal Assessment, I will be exploring to what extent does the multicultural environment in Airbus affect the workforce. I will also be investigating the workforce in Singapore Human Resource, including what helps the workers in Airbus improve their productivity and how long people choose to stay within Airbus in Singapore. As in most companies, there is a percentage of nationalities which are selected to work. As we are situated in Singapore there is a guarantee of a higher percentage of Asian workers needed compared to international workers. I also have complete interest as I plan to do an internship there. I will be factoring specific plans in producing data and research, such as; absenteeism ratio, productivity ratio, labor turnover, efficiency ratio; profit and loss, revenue falling place and whether there is profit gain.