According past few years have accelerated the flow of

to National Geographic traveller, Kerala is one of the “50 must see
destinations of lifetime”. Tourist inflow to Kerala is mainly contributed by
domestic tourists. As per tourism statistics 2017, 58% of the domestic tourists
are accounted by three districts namely Eranakulam, Thrissur and
Thiruvanathapuram. Thiruvanathapuram and Eranakulam contribute to 73% of total
international tourists. Alappuzha contributes 6.37% of the total share of
tourists flow to Kerala. On comparing tourism statistics over the year
2016-2017 Eranakulam,Thiruvanathapuram,idukki& Alappuzha contributes to the
major share of the total tourist flow.

has emerged as a fast growing economic activity of great importance through the
world. When systematically planned and effectively managed it not only becomes
a market are commodity. It also helps improvement in environment and the
infrastructure benefiting the local population. Globalization and its impact
have greatly influenced and made it into a fast developing industry of immense

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industry has become an effective tool for earning marine revenue and foreign
exchange, which is of crucial importance to every developing country. It
provides employment opportunities. Rapid strides in economic growth and
technological advancement during the past few years have accelerated the flow
of tourists across countries.

is place of fascinating natural beauty with sparking backwater stretches of
coastline and remarkable fairs and festivals. The districts has become a
destination for back water tourism attracting both foreign and domestic

district is a sandy strip of land interlocked with lagoons, rivers and canals.
There are some environmentally sensitive areas like the Vembanad lake, which is
a ramsarsite and the Pathiramannalisland, lying north east of Alappuzha

most significant aspect of the town is its geographic features ie the fact that
it is only 4to5 Km wide and has Vembanadlake to its east and the Arabian sea
its west. Alappuzha has a light house ,which is a major tourist attraction.
Alappuzha is highlighted in every tourist map as the place to head for
backwater tourism. In terms of tourist in flow, Alappuzha is among the towns
that have very high number of visitors coming to spend their time mainly as
atransit location while going to other parts of the state