According majority of gifts in their data are small

According to the (Leslie & Ramey,
1988) in order to provides the funding for the boundary of success for
initiatives that distinguish one universities from another is by a dollar
contributed from alumni was mostly important. Besides that, stated by (Ficano
& Cunningham, 2001) the aids that are different from other higher education
institutions income sources due to their preservation rather than concurrent
institutional features, administrative choices, and student body
characteristics. Other than that, for predicting the alumni range of
contributions to alma rates, the researches have confirmed a wide range of
variables to find the most vital features. Due to it, (Mann, 2007) stated that
in order for alumni to receive benefit is by making contributions. In addition,
(Micheal, 2005) describes that the vital of endowment with respect to national
ranking and alumni giving rates. The donors are willing to give if others have
already given and if they are proud of their alma mater’s reputation.

Besides that,
according to the research of (Kelly A.
Marr, Charles H. Mullin, John J. Siegfried, 2005),
they predict the expected gift size on the same student financial aid variables
for contributing alumni. However, the huge majority of gifts in their data are
small which is over eight years there are 97% of alumni have donated under
$1000. Meanwhile, according to the (Tania John, 2007) there also on average
donors give donation on about $140 but that amount could made up almost $1
million in funds. In addition, according to the (Kelly A. Marr, Charles H. Mullin, John J. Siegfried,
which is on the positive side, the gift size regressions provide evidence that
gift size is inversely related to price. Due to the contributions that were
subject to a corporate match were larger than another gift. Thus, the fact that
the alumni increase their portion of the gift when their employer matches gifts
implies the (negative) elasticity of donations with respect to price exceeds

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