A is low then automatically the price of that

Review on productivity improvement                                


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Abstract— In today’s competition time the common problem of
any organization is loss because of low productivity. Because every customer
wasn’t high quality product at the lowest price, it doesn’t matter if it is the
product of lakhs of rupees of or it only cost 10 rupees. The important things
are quality and price. We can achieve the quality factor by increase facilities
but if the productivity is low then automatically the price of that product
will high. It is not good for competition with other product. But there are
some adverse effects and factors affecting parameters on productivity, this
paper is represent the over view on those information about productivity.


Keywords—Productivity, bottle neck, facilities

Introduction (Heading

generally consider productivity as the ratio of the output product and the
input we spent for getting that output. We all know that input is the amount of
product, but input can be so many factors of production. Like man power, input
material, Time, etc. if we want to increase the productivity then we have to
increase the output for the same input or we have to decrease the input for the
same output. These can be done by implementing all lean tools. Reduction of
wastes is equal to increase in productivity


Literature review

Yanmin Sha et al 1

In his paper author has studied on the productivity
growth of the chin’s manufacturing industries, with studying the environment
efficiency the
Malmquist productivity index (MPI), and the Malmquist-Luenberger productivity index.
From 27 different areas the data is collected. The efficiency of productivity
is higher at the east region then the efficiency of other region the annual
growth of MIP and MLPI is4.1% and 0.9%.But Nobody focus on effect of
environment change on productivity, everybody focus on the consumption of
energy, china’s government should improve the mechanism to evaluate the emission
of co2. Technology improvement can contribute more in productivity improvement.
Second the productivity growth of china was over estimated. This study finds
the difference between studies about china’s productivity growth in nonferrous
metal forming industries with respect to region.


Saxenaa 2 Diversity means similarity and difference between employs in terms
of age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race,
religion, gender, and sexual orientation. In many multinational companies there
are many employees are from different region have different cultures, different
languages so obviously they have different mind sets so the way of problem
solving is different. In this case many multinational company have high problem
solving techniques so they have high efficiency of problem solving. Many
researcher have mentioned that diversity in company is very important but if it
could not be managed properly then this can be become big problem to handle the
diversity for management and to employs also. Because of different languages
they can have some issues for working. There are some solution for it like by
using same language, encouragement to employs, open all channels of
communication between employs and employees


Francisco Rubio 3

In this paper author have developed a new
method for programing the automation of the robots for production in the sense of
kinematics and dynamics of robot parts to take minimum time to perform tasks
and avoiding collisions. Then the methodology can increasing the profitability
of production lines by designing flexible manufacturing systems. it can support
firms to stay competitive in rapidly changing markets, which also helps to gain
 high levels of quality and efficiency.
Therefore, this study’s algorithm probably improves the design and planning of
the robot tasks.


Antti Kauhanen
et al 4 it is known that the dispersion of productivity between branches of
the same organization after taking data from the thirty three branches of an US
company they have seen that productivity dispersion is argued to be largely
illusory and follows from measurement error in both inputs and outputs and
second factor is measured productivity differences are suggested to be caused
by unobserved differences in factors affecting productivity.


N Hoboubi et
al 5 In this paper author says that the estimation of productivity is not
reliable. Two factors affecting productivity measurement is (1) when production
increases, inputs typically increase as well. Productivity growth is therefore less
variable than output growth, it means that measurement errors will be relatively
more important. (2) Revisions to published estimates of production
and factor inputs tend to be less highly correlated than the published
estimates themselves. It means when we start production the input will be high
then the productivity also will be high due to high output. So the constant
productivity growth can be seen.


Hosseini et al 6

this study they have focused on the relationship between job satisfactions, job
stress with the productivity. After the study the conclusion is that with
higher work stress the productivity of the worker will be less with respect to
the productivity of the worker with the high job satisfaction. This study is
very important form management to know supportive nature with the employs can
improve the productivity of organization


Choomlucksanaa et al 7 In this study they have implemented lean manufacturing
tools like 5s, poka-yoke, kizen etc. by these tools the seven wastes of the
production reduced so the working became so much easier than the earlier
method. So the productivity can be reduced by implementing the lean tools at
any firm.


Gelmereanua et al 8

aim of this study is to develop a network which can predict the cycle time of
high speed machining, productivity can be increased by increase the speed of
the process, the main aim of this study is to increase the productivity and
reduce the cost. Parts of ANN for modeling and predicting the milling machine
cycle time is made of the aluminum ANN was designed the algorithm to involve
increasing the cutting regime while machining takes place.


Gelmereanua et al 9 It investigate the effect of trading with china on the
productivity and job losses, at this time the china is the cheapest goods
manufacturing country, so other countries are importing the row materials from
china so the labor work on those countries decreases so the productivity can be
increases by trading with china but the employment will be decrease, and we can
say that china is responsible for job losses in many countries.


Duval 10 In this paper it is
investigated that to increase productivity we have to increase the capacity of
the hardware. By increasing the capability of hardware we can reduce the bottle
necks of the process so that production can be easily done. So the productivity
will be increase. At the current example by implementing this method they have
found that the bottle neck was the reheating furnaces, so by increasing the
capability by implanting new burners they could decrease the cycle time so
productivity increased



study of these research paper I can understand the importance of the
productivity of any organization to increase the profit and survive in the
competitive markets, but sometimes it can be harmful to the economy because of
the heavy job losses and increasing the unemployment. To increase productivity
the best way to work is implement lean tools like 5s, kizen, poke yoke etc.
time study techniques also can be used to reduce unnecessary motion or work,
and it can be the root cause of the less productivity.













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