A Honda can give employees the autonomy to make

A workers’ strike can
sometimes happen when employees are not satisfied with their working
conditions. They want to get a message across to their employers such as their
need for a safer working environment, higher salary, or proper employee
benefits. It is an action that can cripple a business of any size. Therefore,
Honda should follow strike prevention best practices designed to keep employees
content. There are a few ways that this can be done:


Implement a Labor-Management Relations Program.

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A labor-management relations
program is a good starting point to prevent strikes effectively.
Labor-management relations refers not only to complying with federal and state employment
laws, but also to providing a platform for employees to discuss their complaints
— as well as procedures for addressing and resolving complaints.


Remove Communication Barriers and Negotiate.

Employers and employees both
do have rights. After all, strikes are made for negotiations, but only of a different
kind. It is vital to have a open discussion with the employees to achieve the goal
of a mutual compromise. Honda can negotiate with them what they want and what
they can do about their demands to prevent strikes.


Design an Employee-Oriented
Company Culture.

A business culture that motivates and unites employees
provides advantages that go beyond preventing the threat of a strike. Honda can
practice a culture that focuses on health and safety, recognize the
contributions employees make to the business’s overall success and provide transparency
in all aspects of management which can greatly decrease the chance that employees go on strikes.


Encourage Initiative.

Usually workers who feel that
they are a part of creating a successful business will be less likely to
strike. Honda can give employees the autonomy to make day-to-day decisions will
help them feel more in control. This can help to increase employee satisfaction
and reduce the chances of a strike.


People Management Fiasco.

Managing people successfully
requires a combination of skill, intuition and practice. Managing people isn’t
a one-size-fits-all operation. What works for one employee won’t work for
another In order to manage people well, Honda needs to be aware of their employees’
talents, resources and goals. Poor management of people can lead to low
productivity and morale. To improve people management skills, Honda can:

Give employees some degree of autonomy.

Honda can give freedom to employees
to make some decisions regarding their work. When employees take ownership of
their jobs, they might feel a sense of self-importance which will result in
better performance.


Communicate goals and expectations clearly.

Workers can’t meet goals if
they don’t understand them. Honda can explain what they want employees to
accomplish and when Honda expects to see results. Honda can set a few deadlines
to ensure that the project stays on track and solve any issues when they’re
still minor.


Provide immediate feedback, whether it’s good or bad.

If employees makes a mistake
or don’t meet expectations, Honda can let them know what they need to do to
improve their performance when the problem occurs. A simple “thank you” when an
employee meets or exceeds expectations is just as vital as corrective feedback.


Create a positive work environment. 

Honda’s culture will help
inspire and motivate others. Honda can Celebrate victories, show appreciation and
publicly reward employees who exceeds expectations.