In conclusion, the
use of animals in experimental research remains as the dominant tool towards
providing relevant information on emerging subjects in bioscience research.

Despite the ethical, social and legal issues, animal models are highly utilized
as compared to other forms of alternative methods such as computer simulation
and use of invertebrates among others. However, in future, the use of insects
will be more familiar since it has highly attracted the attention of most
researchers. The availability of insects and reliability results obtained while
using them in research confers advantages to the method over other alternative
forms. Among the challenges that will still be encountered by use of
alternative methods include ethical issues and failure of the system to mimic
the exact environment as an animal body. Also, ethical issues will continue to
arise as long as human cells or animal cells are used in conducting the
research. One of the critical aspects that are noticeable is the inability of
the two systems avoiding the use of human or animal cells.

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