Introduction: This
essay will critically analyse the difference between civil and criminal law and
format the courts in the English legal system paying attention to composition
and jurisdiction elaborating the appeal process and evaluating the
effectiveness of a civil or criminal court. 

     The main purpose of law is to ensure the
lives, freedoms, rights and property of citizens. Criminal law manages
behaviour that is or can be interpreted as an offense against people in
general, society or the state regardless if the victim is an individual
examples are murder, assault, theft or drunken driving. Civil law manages
conduct that constitutes damage to an individual or other private property for
example an enterprise. Cases are criticism including defamation break of
agreement, negligence resulting in demise or death and property damage. Civil
cases as a rule include private disputes between people or associations.
Criminal cases include an activity that is thought to be hurtful to society.
civil cases are common cases that starts when an individual or an organization
or the government called the plaintiff claims that someone else the defendant
has neglected to complete a legitimate obligation owed to the plaintiff. Both
the offended party and the respondent are likewise alluded to as
“gatherings” or “disputants.” The plaintiff may request
that the court tell the litigant to fulfill the duty or make up for the
mischief done or both. Legal duties include rights set up under the
Constitution or under government or state law. Civil suits are acquired both state
and federal courts. An example of a civil case in a state court would be if an
individual or organisation sued another citizen for not carrying out an
agreement. individuals, organizations, and the government can likewise bring
civil suits in federal court claiming violations of federal or constitutional

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