Lean supply chain management (LSCM) can be defined as a set of organizations directly linked by upstream and downstream flows of products, services, information and funds that collaboratively work to reduce cost and waste by efficiently pulling what is needed to meet the needs of individual customers (Vitasek et al., 2005).

Since long, the most important determinants of construction are supposed to be workflow reliability and labour flow, but lean construction has changed the traditional view of the project as transformation and embraces the concept of flow, waste elimination and value generation (Aziz, 2013). The adaptation of Lean Management principles to SCM activities is not a simple process due to several reasons, such as (i) waste is easier to be identified and quantified in shop floor environment rather than supply chain; and (ii) manufacturing processes can be controlled through top management, while SCM requires attention for the entire chain, from suppliers to customers (Tortorella, 2017).

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