I made tryst with diversity long before I could speak. My father, being in the army, propelled me into a life brimming with relocation and coming in contact with the riveting cultures around the country. From the Marmas of South to the Santals in North-West, I have grown fond of the assimilation packed into this one tiny country that gave it its melting-pot identity. Passionate to project Bangladesh’s multiculturalism and understand cultures of the world better, I truly believe that a diversity-promoting UWC college will serve as the perfect outlet to pursue and refine my ambitions.

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The values posed by UWC is parallel to my core faith of social integration in a society, where we need enough bridges rather than anymore walls. As a firm believer of Gandhism, Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” has profoundly impacted me to embrace the differences across races and cultures; and celebrate individuality. Gandhiji’s ideals of compassion and mutualism go hand-in-hand with the UWC goals, to which I have grown an incredible amount of admiration. My personal sentiment of viewing UWC more of a cultural expedition to let the world know of a tiny dot on the map, called “Bangladesh”, has been echoed in the UWC goals as “personal challenge”.

UWC is already a diverse community. I desire to make my fellow students in UWC appreciate our vibrant culture and hopefully break the negative stereotype surrounding Bengalis smelling of fish and curry. In addition, I will convey UWC’s international youth community the pleas of the Rohingyas; solution to which will bring global peace and make the world even more sustainable. An UWC experience will not only satisfy my curiosity for understanding different cultures and perspectives, but it will make me more empathetic, patriotic and cultivated in the process.