It i? the m??t c?mpetitive m?rket. Bu?ine??
tr?veler? drive ?ver 70 per cent ?f the Indi?n h??pit?lity bu?ine?? ?nd the r?ce
t? ?cc?mm?d?te them, ?nd d? it well, i? h?tting up.


The m?j?r c?mpetiti?n c?me? fr?m the ?ther
c?mp?nie? in the ??me ?ect?r .?? the riv?l? ?re t? be f?und ?nd m?ke their prim?ry
?nd ?ec?nd?ry ?tr?tegie? which m?ke? the c?mp?ny c?mpetitive in the m?rket.
There ?re ?l?? pricing ?tr?tegie? which pl?y fewer r?le? in c?mpetitive m?rket ?nd
?h?uld think ?f the n?n-pricing ?tr?tegie? which c?n be m?re c?mpetitive in the

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The pricing ?f ? h?tel like thi? ?ne i?
d?ne ?n ?y?tem c?lled “r?te ?f the d?y” b??ed ?n dem?nd. ?? the r??m?
get t?ken the price g?e? up ?nd ?n ? bu?y d?y ? r??m like thi? ?ne in Mumb?i ?r
Delhi will c??t ?? much ?? y?u w?uld h?ve t? p?y f?r ?ne in P?ri? ?r L?nd?n.


?dding m?re f?cilitie? t? the five ?t?r
r?ted h?tel? like Wi-Fi, ?p??, gym?, ?nline b??king etc. t? m?int?in their gue?t
l?y?ltie? which give c?mpetitive ?dv?nt?ge t? it? c?mp?ny.


T? bec?me c?mpetitive in the m?rket the
flexible pricing i? the key. ??me ?ugge?ted ?tep? t? re?lign r?te? ?nd ?egment?
t? the ch?nged m?rket pl?ce; g?in c?ntr?l ?f bu?ine??; ?nd incre??e pr?fit?bility


§  Cre?te ?n ?nline b??king pre?ence.

§  En?ure th?t the h?tel’? ?nline
b??king engine i? p?rt ?f the h?tel’? web ?ite, ?nd c?ntr?lled by the h?tel, n?t
by ? third p?rty ?r GD?-b??ed ?y?tem.

§  En?ure th?t the ?nline b??king
engine i? the be?t ?nd ?cc?mpli?he? the h?tel’? g??l?.

§  En?ure th?t the ?nline b??king
engine i? e??y t? u?e fr?m ? cu?t?mer’? per?pective.

§  Expertly cre?te ?nd m?int?in ?n
?nline di?tributi?n ?nd m?ximiz?ti?n ?tr?tegy t? en?ure the h?tel’? vi?ibility.

§  Pr?m?te ?nd en?ure th?t the l?we?t
publi?hed r?te? ?re ?n the h?tel’? ?wn web ?ite, t? pr?m?te cu?t?mer l?y?lty, ??
d?ne with the ?irline?.

§  E?t?bli?h ? new m?rket ?egment?ti?n
m?del, f?r gre?ter c?ntr?l ?f the bu?ine??. Elimin?te R?CK R?TE ?nd repl?ce with
?ELL R?TE, defined ?? R?ck, Pr?m?ti?n?l, C?n??rti?, ?nd ?ny ?ther cu?t?mer n?t ?ffili?ted
with ?ny di?c?unt.