Sometimes we are destined to dive the bitter pill of destiny, just like Corey Taylor, Corey Taylor is the vocalist of 2 bands Slipknot and Stone Sour.

This year heavily discussed Slipknot is currently in critical condition due to the main vocalist Corey Taylor was busy world tour with his new band Stone Sour.

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Investigate a calibaration due to busy Corey Taylor with Stone Sour Slipknot latest album release plan should run slowly, not slow but can be said to run aground in the middle of the road, why ? the only answer is that Corey Taylor is more concerned with Stone Sour than Slipknot.

In an interview with prestigious British radio, he said that he is getting tired of diving Slipknot concert schedule is exhausting and solid.

“I’m 44 years old, I’m no longer young, I’m very tired, I could be in Slipknot until I’m 60 years old,” he said.

“I do not know if I will retire, I will probably get out of Slipknot,” he added.

Yep he said like that maybe because the age factor that grows old and Slipknot music that loud and fast requires Taylor shouting nonstop and motion with lively on stage make him to think 2 times continue career in Slipknot

Corey Taylor is currently on the age of 42 years, Corey thinks he is too old to metal music mainly with Slipknot

“I do not know if I can do it when I reach 50,” he said.

Taylor felt uneasy with Slipknot’s colleagues, if his existence only slowed their career pace.

Anticipating this, Taylor wants to budge and will try other music that fits her age.

“I can not do music physically, that means I will not be out of the music world completely, I’m just out of Slipknot.”

What The F *ck Corey explains if he will soon switch to form a new band that matches his age today

It’s clear that if Corey comes out of Slipknot he’ll be back with his first band STONE SOUR, it’s clear Stone Sour has a soft rock music genre I think it’s perfect if Corey intends to continue his musical career if he is elderly and out of Slipknot as he said

What do you think about this, is everything clear? whether Corey Taylor will retire and get out of slipknot when he was over the age of 50 years ??? all answers will be answered in time

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