On January fifteenth 1929 Martin Luther King Jr. was
conceived in Atlanta, Georgia and he got his education from Boston University.

Martin Luther King Jr. ran 13 years of leadership for the modern American Civil
rights movements from 1955 – 1968 and he accomplished more progress towards social
correspondence in America than the prior 350 years had delivered. Dr. king is
widely considered as America’s pre-prominent activist of nonviolence and most tremendous
nonviolent pioneers in world history.

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At the age of thirty-five, Martin Luther King, Jr., was the
most youthful man to have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize. At the point when told
of his determination, he declared that he would turn over the prize cash of
$54,123 to the encouragement of the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King
Jr. was Specially comprehended in the year 1967, April 28th when he gave a
remarkable discourse “I have a Dream”.


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