2017 online platforms and make sure to stay ahead

will be a year full of growth for global owners. In 2017, property marketing
will be more important and more effective than commercial practice. We have
refreshed the 2017 list of 16 hospitality market trends.

content is still the king of 2017’s castle. Create content for website, social
media and travel blogs to expand the digital footmark and reach even more prospective

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2017, using video to sell property will endure prevalent. People and businesses
are using video on a variety of platforms to attract and educate possible

we create content, we often think of it as having a long-lasting or evergreen

marketing is still one of the inexpensive and most effective marketing methods.
E-mail permits to communicate well with existing guests before, during, and
after the trip.

a long time, mobile bookings will surpass desktop bookings, as smartphones and
tablets dominate our lives.

will be all about personalization. Especially for hospitality-focused
businesses, it makes every guest feel especially important.

commentary websites have done an improbable job of building a reliable fan base
and generating a lot of traffic. Be aware of all online platforms and make sure
to stay ahead of any negative comments.

social media platforms will start to complete and we will see fewer new
services starting to pop up. Social media is very important during the research
and discovery phase of travel.

the end of 2016, Airbnb announced they would start making printed travel
guides, something that seemed strange in 2017. Our articles on how to make city
guides can help navigate the right direction.

new distribution channel is a good way to sell your property. Direct booking
and third-party distribution channels apply to almost all types of properties.

expect that local and sharing experiences will be at the first line of the
hospitality industry in 2017, which means property should take advantage of the
local area. Maps and city guides are especially useful for guests on the go. Don’t
forget the physical tour guides are also a good idea, especially if property invites
many international guests.

year, software inventions make business easier and more effective. In 2017, we
expect the software will continue to drive marketing strategies through new
tools to help us get better jobs done faster.

should be used for pre-arrival and post-email, confirmation and reminders.

making marketing decisions, should be consider some metrics. For any type of
property you want to know how your guests find you, where they are booked, and
the profitability of different channels, to name a few.

social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and others can be improved to drive
bookings even without advertising.

marketing should be fun! Travel is the eternal themes of the internet and property
can impressively benefit from these trends.


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