developing countries one of the primary motivations for a
region to promote its historical attractions is the expected economic
improvement .How is this possible? Well, when a tourist visits Parthenon in
Greece ,the first thing he does is finding a hotel to stay,a restaurant to eat
, he may also go shopping ,take some pictures .In this way he brings money to
local and national economy ,besides he makes a good advertisement by
stimulating the others to visit that place.The more popular  a historical site becomes ,the more money will
be invested by tourists.

 Furthermore, if we
don’t conserve the past we don’t have the opportunity to get enough
information,which is essential .Destroying a monument means that we will “lose”
the chance  to learn more about it .For
example ,the pyramids in Egypt show how good ancient people were at building.Studying
the way they used to construct and organize their life is interesting and
helpful even today. However ,many people states that we must look forward and
think of modern solutions.Concentrating too much   in the
past has its own  concequences  ,for instance  financing in opening new museums instead of
building new schools or industrial zones ,make people support the idea of
letting the past go. Like everyone who doesn’ t want to forget his special moments,
that are  collected  during  his life ,we should try to conserve the past
,because we are saving ourselves ,our consciousness ,which matter more than
material things.

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In conclusion ,our days would be totally different, if it
wasn’t the past with its events that “created “this modern civilization .It is
our duty to protect and study it in details ,in order to  profit culturally and economically .The
future can’t be realized without the past.                                                           
Therefore for the sake  of the
world which  needs memories to maintain its
identity ,conserve the past,for the sake of next generations ‘ education ,save  the past.


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