1- click, a person life can be negatively affected.

1- Research TopicMy research topic is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is an aggressive behavior of a group or individual against a victim with the use of digital devices, such as cell phones, computers, and tablets. It can be carried out through texts, emails,  social media or any online site that people can view or share content. Although it may seem not as serious as typical bullying, it can have the same or even worse detrimental and far-reaching implications.This is an extremely prevalent issue with the rise and spread of electronic communication technologies. 2- Research Question.My research question is if there should there be a law against cyberbullying. The internet has unfortunately become a place of negativity and a new method of bullying. Anyone can post anonymous messages without receiving consequences. Comments are hurtful and insulting and just with one click, a person life can be negatively affected. 3- Purpose of your Research ReportThe purpose my research report is to create an awareness about cyberbullying. Many people may think cyberbullying is a mild concern and are unaware of its consequences. In actuality, cyberbullying can destroy people. It may even lead to suicide and serious psychological disorders. 4- Choose a strategy/context to narrow your topic and determine your angle. Cyberbullying has destructive and far-reaching effects. There is a strong correlation between cyberbullying and the increasing suicide rate. A recent study showed that out of 270 patients, 208 of them reported bullying (77%) and 186 (68.9%) had thoughts of suicide. This is not something that can be ignored. Abusing someone intentionally, no matter in what form, should be made a criminal offense. Cyberbullies should take responsibility for their actions and receive consequences. 5- Tentative Thesis Statement. Identify your argumentCyberbullying should be made a criminal offense. Cyberbullies go on the internet with the intent to insult and damage others. Although they may be indirectly involved with someone committing suicide,  the psychological abuse they inflict plays a major role.  They are aware of their actions, and their behaviors should not be justified. 6- Provide a counterargumentA counterargument for why cyberbullying should be made illegal is that the first amendment is freedom of speech. Every individual has the right to speak their mind and state their opinion.  People blow cyberbullying out of proportion and over dramatize it. The victims take things to seriously and are over-sensitive. 7- Identify your audienceMy audience in my research paper are people who believe cyberbullying is not a major threat. Some people believe that because cyberbullying takes place online it can be ignored. This is completely false. The insults and harassment consumes a person and does have a serious effect on them.8- Relevance of the Research to you. As a college student living in this day and age, technology is something I frequently use. I am on the internet often and have always been interested in the topic of cyberbullying. Although I have, thank G-d, never been cyberbullied this topic of research is very relevant to me. I know several people who have experienced cyberbullying. 9- Types of research sources you will use in your Research ReportThe type of sources I will use in my research report will mainly be from the internet. This topic is so prevalant in today’s modern society that research sources must be up to date. In order to be accurate, I will use online journals and studies that are recent and updated.10- The documentation style that your peer has chosen to use (APA or MLA) and the explanation of the reasons for their choice.In today’s society, Cyberbullying is very pertinent. New research and discoveries are made daily. Therefore I have chosen APA as my documentation style. It references the date of the source which is very significant in the research of Cyberbullying.