1.Christopher the Natives had never been exposed to.Such as

1.Christopher Columbus was the one who let the Spanish exploration and also with the help of Juan Ponce de Leon. Juan Ponce de Leon invaded many places and those places are what would now become south, central, and North America. In order to get supplies the columbian exchanged was formed.If other country’s needed supplies, then they would get it from other places such as animals and plants. That is also how diseases spread and caused may people to be sick in the process. Many people were interested in new experiences that they were so eager to push beyond Europe. The Europeans longed for the luxuries of the Far East for their silks, pepper. And spices. Many buildings were made in Spain’s New World they had over 70,000 buildings.One of which was the Pyramid temple. Many people wanted to find gold in the New world. They had captured Montezuma and used him to get Aztec gold and silver and also where it is being mined. They would have slaves mine the gold and silver for them. New world later on got affected by the settlers and their interactions that it caused a lot of violence. Which later on made massive declines in indigenous populations.    2.Christoper Columbus was the one who started the columbine exchange in the Americas in 1492. What the Columbine exchange, was it was the trading of goods between the Old World and the Ne World. The old world would give the new world Wheat, sugar, rice and coffee for agriculture use. As for livestock they would give horses, cows, and pigs. The long-term consequences were it caused diseases to spread which the Natives had never been exposed to.Such as smallpox,measles, and typhus.  The ways that the Europeans and Native Americans are similar in Colonial North America is that they both grew crops and cultivate the lands. However they were a little different as the Native Americans were more of a powerful empire and that they were hunters and gatherer bands. While the Europeans were more of a mixture of equivalent kingdoms such as duchies, and republics who were struggling to reach out to the rest of the world. 4.How the warfare between Europeans and Native Americans differ was that Native Americans was based on their infantry. They used weapons such as bows, arrows, and spears. While on the other hand the Europeans would have much stronger firearms and horses. Europe and Native American were friendly at first then they started to get into some conflict. After that the Europeans would continue to move onto the Native American land and would cheat them in trade.    5. How war is fought is now we have hi-technology such as bombs, missiles that can do massive damages to other country’s. We also have special vehicles and guns that are very harmful and dangerous. Wars are fought to sometimes gain land or as a scare tactic. It is not the same in the way the Europeans and the Native Americans conducts wars. They didn’t have all these hi-technology as we do and had to do everything by hand. They were very brave when it came to war, even though they didn’t have high tech weapons like we do now. Back then they used old guns now those guns have been far more improved since that time.