1. causes several changes related to not only structure


Substance is a combination of various chemical
elements which is used for many specific purposes in every field of life such
as alcohol, tobacco and drug – the most harmful material. Nevertheless,
parallel with the development of new technologies and an incredible expansion
of knowledge, people nowadays have abused them so much that their original aims
has been altered in many ways for personal purposes due to the changes of
feeling, action and thought when these substances are taken into the body.
Indeed, overdose of drugs can lead to many dangerous consequences related to
health and behavior of the users.  Globally, there is an estimated minimum of
190,000 premature deaths annually from drugs according to UNODC (World drug
report, 2017). Its high time people considered sincerely this as a global
problem as this problem is becoming more and more serious day-to-day. Thus,
this paper, based on secondary data, will discuss the effects of drug abuse on
people’s life.

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Definition of drug:

Drug is generally defined as a combination of natural
or artificial substance which causes several changes related to not only
structure but also physically and psychologically body’s function when absorbed
by a living body. There is a doubt that human being had an ancient history of
drug modulation for many purposes. Some archaeologists recommended that
humans knew how to extract drug from  mescal beans and peyote cacti from almost 5000 years ago. Their study shows that drug was used to
bring spiritual or trance-like states by religious people in the past but
nowadays it is used in diagnosis, treatment or preclusion of diseases.


Overall, there are many
types of drugs and it’s very important to understand each of them to be fully
prepared to encounter with them. Most psychoactive drugs are
divided into several categories: stimulants, depressants,
opiates and
hallucinogens but all of these are addictive, make users dependence and cause
different effects on the human brain and body. In particular, substances such
as stimulants, depressants, opioids are legal substances that can be  applied in many aspects of life. In medicine
for examples, scientists take advantage of stimulants’ impacts on body’s
central nervous system (CNS) making users feel “speeding up” ,this drug is primarily prescribed for ADHD, narcolepsy and asthma due to its ability to open up user’s breathing passages. This drug as
well can help to lose weight as they can reduce users’ appetite. Like
stimulants, depressants similarly affect the body’s CNS but with the opposite
impact, making users feel as if  things
are ” slowing down”. Thus, they are often refered as “downers”. Doctors
prescribe this substance for anxiety, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder
and other medical issues that avert the sufferer from fully relaxing. Some
examples of stimulants include rohypnol which can cause drowsiness and amnesia
( memory loss), xanax , benziodiazepines. Another legal drug is opioid, which
are very strong painkiller that generate a sense of elation in users. Some
types of opioid can contain heroin, morphine, opium that are addictive
substances. Drawn from poppy plants, opioids are often prescribed by doctors to
patients who are suffering badly from extreme pain. However, they are
tremendously habit-forming, sometimes even cause addiction in as little as two
or three days. Thus, President Trump recently has been declaring  a public health emergency to struggle with
the opioid crisis in America due to its danger which caused approximately
64,000 deaths by drug overuse in 2016 in America, according to Centre for
Disaster control and prevention (CDC). These kinds of drugs can be legal but
with overdose can be turned into many serious perils. By contrast, substances
like hallucinogens ( contains psilocybin, salvia, peyote), dissociative,
cannabis, which cause  numerous negative
impacts. Hallucinogens disrupt information transfer within user’s brain, make
them rapidly change emotions and perceptions of things that are not real. The
final one, cannabis, most commonly seen as marijuana, performs like a
hallucinogen, but brings about depressant-like impacts, effects harmfully to
users in many aspects.Cannabis contains over 70 percent caner-causing
substances and it is one of the few drugs can cause peculiar cell division,
which leads to genetic defects. It can destroy lives easily and in fast ways
both short and long term such as lowering resistance to diseases, depression,
chronic anxiety, lessening sperm count in men, slowering response times,
killing brain cells etc.


Nowadays, million of people
daily use drugs – from a cup of alcohol to a hit of  ecstasy in a dance floor.But there is one
point that almost nobody ever wonder what these drugs exactly work when taken
into our body in order to cause these feelings. Drugs taken into human body
affects the users in variety of ways and its necessary to cognize its work.There
are many ways that drugs pervade in our body, through inhalation, being eaten
or drank and especially injection directly into bloodstream which can immediately
affect after 10 – 15 seconds.

Drugs can interfere with
microbes that invade body then change the original structure and bring about a
rush of euphoria by the charge of dopamine in brain. Thus, it creates a
stagnation in all functions of the physical and mental functions. Moreover,
component of drugs contribute to increase user’s heart rate by over 50 beats
per minute lasting for more ten minutes or several hours. Aside, drugs also
impede absorption of serotonin, cause a feeling of extreme erethism which can
lead to many bad behaviors like 
attacking other people.By and large, drugs cause several impacts on our
body and especially harming nerve system,.


According to such analysis,
scientists have been pointing out many ways to indentify a person using drugs
and they recommend that these signs appear worth enough noticing and responding
to with suitable cure.If you or someone around is addicted to drugs, they might
display a few of these following signs and symptoms.Firstly, physical symptoms
are easy to be seen. Recently using drugs like cannabis can make their eyes
bloodshot or glazed, cause an abruption in weight changes, bring about bruises,frequent
bloody noses,tremors, infections, or other corporeal signs at the drug’s
injection entrance sites on body. This can also cause a change in user’s
sleeping pattern in which drugs make them fully awake at night and sleeping
during the whole day that seriously harm their health. Another easily seen sign
is that a person using drugs will talk more about the drug: how to get more,
how feel when consuming it, or how bad user feel after that. Apart from,
several mental signs are also caused by drugs abuse. The most common effect is
tolerance to drug which means they need more 
and more to remain this reaction. User may feel strange when drugs wear
off. They should be trembling, depressed, insomnia, stick to stomach or headaches.In some cases, they extremely feel tired
or not hungry, and even confused, run a fever or have epileptic, have a feeling
called “hallucinations” in which many unreal things happen in their brains and
also strong mood changes and behaviors when the person is “high” . Abusing
drugs may also lessen user’s routine leisure activities, make them tiered of
doing physical exercises or sporting activities. Thus, this may cause a
decrease in physical development and many health problems in a long run.


In fact, abusing drugs is
more and more affecting seriously on every aspects of user.According to
analysts, the economic burden of drugs addiction in the US is more twice than
any other neural diseases. Addiction is by far most costly for poor people. For
instance, if users are at indigene level, a pack of tobacco per day or sometimes
a little cannabis can consume about 10 percent of their monthly income. Even
worse all of their income will be paid to buy drugs if they are heavy drug
abusers. Moreover, the cost of buying drugs is not cheap, for example, in US it
costs from $50 to $1,200 per ounce due to each types of cannabis. As a result,
usually buying drugs will cost users a lot of money for temporary desired
feeling. On the other hand, abusing drugs can make users considerably less
productive: poor work perfomance, cutting back on shifts or even they can lose
their jobs which lead to unemployment and lowering quality of life. Social security
and retirement benefits can also be influenced, so even after revival, users could continue
to suffer from the financial
impacts of their addiction for several years after. Mental issues caused by abusing drugs can be far-reaching, having impacts
on almost every organ in the human body. Drugs taken into body weaken the
resistant system, growing vulnerability to infections, Cause cardiovascular
conditions ranging from abnormal heart rate to heart attacks.
Moreover, Injected drugs can also lead
to collapsed veins and infections of the bloodstream and heart valves, it also causes seizures, stroke and widespread brain damage that can affect all aspects of daily life by
about issues with memory,
attention and decision-making, including sustained mental confusion and
permanent brain damage in a long term. These changes are what lead
to compulsive drug use, the hallmark of addiction that users
are no longer able to get rid of using drugs. Some diseases related to abusing
drugs that users may catch such as hear or lung diseases, cancer, mental
illness, hepatits, HIV/AIDS and others.