1. are one of the crucial components in rotating

1.    Introduction

In engineering applications, rolling
element bearings are a standout amongst the most widely used support elements, their
failure is one of the foremost causes of breakdowns in rotating machinery and
such failure can be catastrophic, resulting in costly downtime. This in turn
leads to the decrease in overall efficiency of the machine and may be needed to
temporarily shut down the entire industry which leads to heavy economic losses
in the industry. To prevent all those disadvantages, proper condition
monitoring needs to be done for any machine to work efficiently. The condition
monitoring and fault diagnostics of the rolling element bearing have attracted
great attention in the vibration-based methods due to their intrinsic advantage
of revealing bearing failure 6. The vibration analysis of the bearing has
been carried out using the vibration data collected from bearing run-to-failure
tests which was generated by the NSF I/UCR Center for Intelligent Maintenance
Systems (IMS – www.imscenter.net). Here, diagnosis is carried out using time
domain analysis whereas fault classification is done using Support Vector
Machines (SVM).

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2.    Bearings

Bearings are highly engineered,
precision-made components that enable rotating machinery to move at extremely
high speeds and carry remarkable loads with ease and efficiency. These are one of
the crucial components in rotating machinery and used to support the rotating
shaft. It is also used to transfer loads between elements and to reduce
friction between components. Bearings must be able to offer high precision,
reliability and durability with minimal noise and vibration.


bearing problems in aircraft turbine engines are quite severe because of occurrence
of high temperatures with high relative speeds. Ordinary jet engines have two
shafts, one for the compressor/turbine on the high speed/high pressure side,
and the other one for the fan/compressor/turbine on the low speed/low pressure
side. The bearings have a role to support them as shown in Figure 1. 


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