1 allows users to access saved files from different

 1 CHINEDUM SAM-OBURU B00768867 CSCI 5708 January 18, 2018  First Application: CamScanner Link to application: CamScanner – iOS                                     CamScanner is a mobile application that helps users scan documents, with the use of their smartphone. It simply turns a user’s phone into a portable mobile scanner; it also possesses a feature called OCR (optical character recognition) which converts scanned documents or images into editable text 1.   CamScanner was chosen because it is innovative, and because it helps solve problems associated with conventional scanning. With CamScanner users do not have to worry about locating or setting up a scanner in the office or at home, they can efficiently use their smartphones to scan documents anytime, anywhere. It also makes the scanning process easier and faster.  Camscanner uses the camera functionality of a mobile device; users can directly scan a document by taking a picture of that document. After the picture is taken the app uses its auto enhancing/smart cropping function to crop and enhance the sharpness and clarity of the image. The scanned file can be saved in JPEG or PDF format. This productivity app is a must-have for everyone who wants to scan on the go; its other features include OCR, advanced editing of scanned photos, document synchronization and file sharing.  Strengths: ? Allows synchronization of documents; this allows users to access saved files from different devices. ? CamScanner is fast and reliable. ? Scanned documents are of high quality. ? Users can convert scanned documents to editable text with OCR technology. Weakness: ? Through usage, I found out that the OCR technology made some errors while converting scanned documents to editable text. ? Navigation buttons are not labelled.  *OCR technology needs to be improved, and a user-friendly interface should be implemented.  2 Screenshots:                                                                                                                                              Screenshot1                                Screenshot2    (Document scanned with CamSanner)  3                                   First Heuristic Evaluation: Error prevention Is it easy to make errors? Where and why? – (not observed) Some navigation buttons are not labelled, this can cause new users “who do not know the functions of this buttons” to make errors by clicking the wrong button and entering an unwanted page. (Screenshot3)                                              Screenshot3         (navigation buttons are not labelled)                                              Screenshot4               (Documentation for users)  4 Second Heuristic Evaluation: Help and documentation Is help information provided? – (Observed) CamScanner provides users with a help page located in the settings section; users can access information about usage, registration, billing, sync and other FAQs. (Screenshot4)  Can help information be easily searched and easily followed? – (Observed) Help information can be accessed easily by navigating to settings?Help, information provided on the help page is straightforward and easy to understand; users can quickly email CamScanner customer service if they need more help.    Second Application: GasBuddy Link to application: GasBuddy – iOS  GasBuddy is a smartphone application that provides users with gas station prices around them. It is a useful application for users who drive regularly and are looking to save some money on gas. It provides users with other information such as what type of utilities gas stations offer, how friendly their services are and past user experience with this gas stations.  GasBuddy was chosen because of its originality, uniqueness regarding the kind of information it provides to users and also because it helps solves some fundamental problems which drivers encounter daily. Users of this application tend to gain vital information when they are travelling a long distance or average daily commute, more importantly, GasBuddy helps users save some money on gas!  GasBuddy collects prices information from gas station operators and also leverages the power of “crowdsourcing” 2 to provide information to users. This way the most recent users of gas station services provide other users with up-to-date feedback about their experience (e.g. price of gas, how excellent the service was).  GasBuddy helps users find the cheapest gas, find gas stations by price or location, alert users when prices go up and also inform the future users about past experiences with gas station services. GasBuddy is a locale based app which utilizes the “location/map functionality (GPS)” on a user’s smartphone and information it receives from gas station operators and users to find the lowest gas price in any particular location.  Strengths: ? GasBuddy possesses an elegant and user-friendly interface which is easy to understand and navigate even for a new user. ? Menus and icons on the app are appropriately labelled, this aids ease of navigation and usage for users. ? Reliable data is collected from both crowdsourcing and gas station operators. Weakness:  ? Users cannot access gas prices near them when the location is disabled. ? Too many sponsored ads appear on the app; this can disorientate users.  5  *Sponsored ads should be reduced, and user’s chat feature should be implemented to facilitate more in-depth reviews.  Screenshots:                                              Screenshot1            (Home page)                         Screenshot2                      Screenshot3     (Gas station prices)  6                                   First Heuristic Evaluation: Match between system and real world          Is the language used simple? – (observed)           Are the phrases, concepts used familiar to the user? – (observed) ? GasBuddy contains a well labelled “linear layout Menu,” each button contains labels that are easy to understand. Each section/page is well detailed and uses simple concepts. ? Phrases like “find gas near you,” and ‘search in this area” which are used in the app are terms familiar to most users. (Screenshot1&2)                                                   Screenshot4            (Gas station reviews)                         Screenshot5   (Gas station information)  7 Second Heuristic Evaluation: User control and freedom Are there ways to allow users to easily leave the unexpected page/state?– (observed) Subsections of the app contain an undo/cancel button at the top left; a user who enters a page by error can quickly go back to the previous page. The main menu buttons can also be used to navigate out of error. (Screenshot4&5)                                                   References  1″What is OCR ?”, Irislink.com, 2018. Online. Available: http://www.irislink.com/EN- CA/c1135/What-is-OCR–.aspx. Accessed: 23- Jan- 2018. 2″About – GasBuddy.com”, Gasbuddy.com, 2018. Online. Available: https://www.gasbuddy.com/About. Accessed: 23- Jan- 2018.