· logs and Trouble Shooting issues in Integration other

4+ years of experience in Information Technology, which
includes demonstrated work experience in the design, development, testing
and implementation of enterprise wide security applications using
SiteMinder, Sun One LDAP Directory, Active Directory and
other Sun/Netscape/iPlanet/IBM products on Windows, Unix and Linux.

Expertise in Installing,
configuration, deployment and maintenance of the SiteMinder components the
Policy Server, Web Agent, Policy Store and Key Store.

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Involved in SiteMinder policy server
upgrades from SiteMinder R5.5 to R6.0, SiteMinder R6.0 to R12.51, and
SiteMinder R12.sp3 to R12.52sp1.

Involved in Web Agent upgrades from
5.x to 6.x and 6.x to R12.51.

Experience as a configuration
administrator to protect web applications using CA SiteMinder.

Experience in analyzing the logs
like trace logs, logs and Trouble Shooting issues in Integration other
applications using CA SiteMinder and Identity Management tools along with LDAP
and Web-Server agents and SiteMinder federation services.

Experience in integrating WebLogic
Application Server with CA SiteMinder as Identity Provider and External third-party
services as service providers.

Experience with LDAP Architecture
includes DIT and Replication Mapping between replica hub/consumer,
Multi-Master/Single-Master in Sun One 
Directory server.

Fine-tuned and set up High
availability with LDAP and SiteMinder. Tested and implemented back up,recovery.

Experienced with, Failover, Load 

Balancing and other Administration

Experience in Testing SiteMinder
policies using SMTEST tool.

Experience in creating manual
entries of directory server using command line, GUI and LDIF files.

Experience in administration on LDAP
Servers including versions 5.x, 6.x and 11.x.

Experience in User Directory
Administration and System Administration.

Experience in working with web
servers- Sun One web
server, IIS, Apache web
servers and IHS IBM HTTP
Server like configuring and troubleshooting.

Involved in Automated identity
management tasks such as user provisioning, role based access control,
delegated administration, attribute based auditing and reporting using CA
Identity Manager.

Experience in using Unix/Linux
utilities for analyzing logs, and troubleshooting the applications with
application servers and Security/Identity management servers.

Proficiency in Java/J2EE, WebLogic,
Web Services, Solaris 10 and Windows system administration.