· disclosed to others. Confidentiality is important for medical

Introduction :

Practitioner should keep
patient’s personal health information private unless the consent is taken and
the patient agree to release the information .

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The confidentiality doesn’t end when the
relationship between health care provider and patient has ceased, and not end
with patient death .



·       What is the Confidentiality: 


               the right of individuals to keep
information about themselves from being disclosed to others.

               Confidentiality is important for
medical practice, the



What information is confidential :

All information that can identify the patient such as:

Information about diagnosis or treatment .

Video or image of the patient .

The doctor of the patient or clinic that he visit .

Any information can lead to person in direct or on
direct way .



Why confidentiality important :

Usually the patient share personal information with
health care provider . if there is no confidentiality between them the trust
between them will be lost and the patient will not share sensitive  information which may be important for the
health care provider to make the diagnosis.

Respect for patient and right to have privacy and
private information remain confidential .

Maintain confidentiality protect health care provider
from potential harm including social harm such as loss of employment and criminal
liability .

Confidentiality more important to adolescent who seek
for health care because if the confidentiality is lost they won’t seek care
especially for reproductive health or drug abuse  













When can confidentiality be breached ?

These some situation where confidentiality can be breached :

If the patient agree to disclose the informations .

If the patient doesn’t has the capacity to give
consent and disclose the personal information can benefit the patient .

When the information is needed by court order.

information concern for the safety of other individual

       if the patient share
information for specific plan with psychotherapist to harm                              others.

Legal requirement to report certain condition :

If the patient have infectious disease the health care provider should
share these information with public health authorities. Because the duty to
protect public health more important than maintain patient’s confidentiality.

The information of the patient should be share with
other only with patient permission or as allowed by low . however , there some
information can be release for purpose of treatment, payment or administration
without patient’s permission .

The key to maintain confidentiality is to make sure no
one can access to patient’s information except authorized individual .limiting
who see what for example :

     The receptionist can add the patient data
( name, age, state …) and can not see the medical   history        of
patient .

  The doctor can write and read prescription
and see medical history of the patient. So they don’t have access to the same


Security :

The National institute of standards and Technology (
NIST ), define information security as the preservation of data
confidentiality, integrity, availability .

The protection of information needed against both
external threats as hackers and theft and internal threats as access by unauthorized
staff. The health care provider shouldn’t take laptops contain information of
the patient outside work place to avoid disclose of the patient  information

The Health
Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) security rule the first national standards  for protection of patient health information .
which state goal to protect patient identifiable information in electronic form