§ 2010, ?t Delhi. it w?? indi?’? m??t ?ucce??ful

§  Three
Welc?me Gr?up H?tel? were c?mmi??i?ned between 1975 ?nd 1977; the?e were n?n-fr?nchi?ed
h?tel?, in?pired by the ?l?g?n “Be indi?n, Buy indi?n” ?nd u?ing indi?n
experti?e. Ultim?tely, h?wever, the?e h?tel? ?d?pted the ?her?t?n ?y?tem in
1978 ?nd u?ed the ?ervice? ?f exp?tri?te? f?r the purp??e? ?f upgr?ding ?t?ff
tr?ining ?nd in?t?lling ?her?t?n ?per?ting ?y?tem?-?ll with?ut ? m?n?gement c?ntr?ct.
Thi? g?ve the Welc?me Gr?up ? g??d ?t?rt.

§  When
indi? ?greed t? h??t the 1982 ??i?n G?me?, the G?i gr?nted licen?e? f?r building
h?tel? t? the T?j P?l?ce, ??i?n H?tel? Hy?tt Regency, indi? T?uri?m Devel?pment
C?rp?r?ti?n – L?dhi H?tel, ??mr?t H?tel, K?ni?hk?, Le Meridien, ?nd ?ury? ??fitel,
with the ?tipul?ti?n th?t their new h?tel? h?d t? be c?mpleted in time f?r the
g?me?. indi? h??ted the C?mm?nwe?lth G?me? in 2010, ?t Delhi. it w?? indi?’? m??t
?ucce??ful C?mm?nwe?lth G?me? t? d?te with indi?n ?thlete? winning 38 g?ld, 27 ?ilver
?nd 36 br?nze med?l?. Thi? ?l?? ?dded t? gr?wth ?f h?tel indu?try in indi?.

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§  T?d?y,the
h?tel indu?try c?ntinue? ? run ?f ?tr?ng perf?rm?nce ?nd i? pr?jected t? ?u?t?in
?tr?ng 5–6 percent gr?wth thr?ugh?ut 2018.5 ??me ?n?ly?t? ?re c?ncerned ??
thi? indu?try i? u?u?lly cyclic, but ?ptimi?t? ?eem t? ?utnumber pe??imi?t?.
Thr?ugh?ut the ye?r, h?telier? will be l??king f?r ?n ?pp?rtunity in ?tr?tegic
pl?ce?, including ? revi?it ?f the mid?c?le experience, tr?veler-f?cing tech,
he?lth ?nd wellne??, ?nd l?y?lty.

§  Revenue
gr?wth i? expected t? impr?ve in FY2018 t? 10-12% ?ided by ?tr?nger d?me?tic





The indi?n H?tel indu?try h?? been b??ming bu?ine?? ?nd
h?? ?l?? given ? b???t t? t?uri?m bu?ine?? in the c?untry. R?di??n H?tel? indi?,
T?j Gr?up ?f H?tel?, P?rk Gr?up ?f H?tel? ?nd iTC H?tel? ?re ??me ?f the kn?wn
h?tel? in the h?tel indu?try th?t ?re f?m?u? f?r unique ?menitie? ?nd ?uperb ?cc?mm?d?ti?n
?rr?ngement?. There ?re ?l?? the iTC M?ury? Delhi, iTC M?r?th? Mumb?i, ?nd F?rt
R?di??n ?f R?di??n Gr?up in K?lk?t?, R?di??n J??? H?tel ?himl?, The T?j We?tend,
B?ng?l?re, T?j C?r?m?ndel, Chenn?i. The m?j?r citie? like B?ng?l?re, Hyder?b?d,
Chenn?i, Gurg??n, Pune ?nd the ?uburb? ?f Mumb?i ?re the ?re?? m??t ?ttr?ctive
f?r the intern?ti?n?l inve?tment ?nd ?? expected the?e ?re the citie? with the
l?rge?t devel?pment pipeline?. C?mbined the?e citie? ?cc?unt f?r 89 ?f the 161
pr?ject? in the pipeline ?nd 16,734 gue?tr??m?, which  i? 68% ?f the r??m? in indi?’? t?t?l pipeline