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 0_img_site_FARMTOURS-200px2013 Michigan Boer/Meat Goat Farm Tour

At this time the MBGA, Inc. is working on a schedule to hold one or two farm tours in 2013. The goal is to educate one another on the different farm set-ups that are working for your specific farms throughout Michigan.

  • First goal is to find the interest for the program.
  • Second goal is to get Farms in Michigan to commit to allow tours of their farms.
  • Third goal is to set the committed farms & attendees on a calendar together, to work out one or two different weekends depending on the commitments received.
  • Fourth goal is to set up an Agenda for one or two tours.
  • Fifth goal is to set up for the touring, transportation, and hotel accommodations.

We are also currently working out a total dollar figure that would include all of the above, excluding attendee meals for each tour. Due to everyone’s busy work schedules, we plan to hold these tours on weekends.

If you are interested in being a part of the 2013 MBGA, Inc. Farm Tours Circuit, please print and complete the following questionnaire, and mail it to me at your earliest convenience.

CLICK HERE to print out and complete the 2013 Farm Tours Questionnaire

Please keep in mind when considering your commitment to this new program; it would be nice to do a SPRING Kidding Season Tour, in April; and a FALL Breeding Season Tour, in mid-September, sometime after Labor Day Weekend.

This will be an awesome and educational event, I encourage you to complete the Questionnaire Form, as soon as possible, and let us know what you think about the proposed project. Thanks!

~ Terri Fryman, President – Michigan Boer Goat Association, Inc (2013-2015)



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