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Youth Challenge Series – Report:




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2017 Youth Challenge Series

It’s that time of year again when most goat producers spend lots of time running in and out of the barn welcoming new life in their barn and overcoming challenges that comes with kidding in the winter.  The goals of producers this time of year is the wethers produced for youth shows and fairs in Michigan.

The Michigan Boer Goat Youth Show Committee is excited for 2017. We are making great progress in moving the Youth Challenge forward for Michigan Youth. This is a great committee of leaders who bring ideas and challenges to the table to continue improving our program.

In 2017 we have again made decisions that lead to changes. We have brought back the high point on top five shows along with a few other rule changes that will benefit the youth competing in Michigan goat shows all summer.

With adding placing to the awards we are in need of help from sponsors. This effort to give more to the youth means that we need more support from our communities who support Michigan youth. If you are interested in supporting our Michigan youth thought our youth challenge please contact a committee member or fill out our sponsorship form. We offer different levels of support which all come with advertising opportunities at all of our shows and MBGA events.

A big thank you goes out to our past and present sponsors for the MBGA Youth Challenge! We could not be where we are today with out your support! We would also like to welcome all our new committee members that are excited to help make 2017 the best year yet for our Michigan Youth.


Make 2017 Great!

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